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Spectrum ID

ID Card Printing

ID Card printing is our main business at Spectrum Positive. As a plastic card bureau service, we specialise in the production of plastic card media for a variety of purposes, such as:

ID card printing services
  • ID cards
  • Membership cards for clubs and associations
  • Loyalty cards
  • Discount cards
  • Security cards
  • General advertising and promotional cards
  • Photo ID cards
  • and more!

To see some examples of the practical uses for personalised ID plastic cards, click here.

ID Card Specifications

All designs are printed on standard size cards of 86mm X 54mm (credit card size), although other sizes are available for specialised uses.

ID cards come in a variety of base colours, onto which your own artwork, photographs, barcodes and security overlays can be printed. A demonstration card of your own design may be available upon request and we also cater for bespoke designs.

A self-adhesive padded pin can be utilised for easy attachment to clothing, especially useful for corporate events/everyday office use etc.

For added security and to ensure a professional finish for your plastic cards, we use the newest security features. Should you require further information on different card styles, card base colours or security features available, please contact us.

Guilloche & Fine Line

Based around the concept of using highly defined print lines to create complex designs that are extremely difficult to originate and print.

Micro Print

Viewable under magnification, Micro Print can be incorporated into the card and cannot be duplicated by dye sublimination, inkjet or laser printers.

UV Print

UV ink technology allows the printing of images which are only visible when viewed under ultra-violet light. A good covert technology used in passports and banknotes for many years.

Secure Overlay Laminates

Protective overlay with built in pattern.

Terms & conditions are available on request.

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