Why have an ID card? Spectrum Positive, plastic card printing.
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Why have an ID card?

identity card

On the face of it your humble photo ID card is a simple little fellow, just a square of plastic with maybe a photo of the holder printed on one or more sides. Sometimes that is all that we require from our ID card. Just a token identity device.

But depending on what you require our little card can be a great deal more, in some ways it can enhance your life by making certain aspects of today's world more simple to access and secure.

We have moved on a long way from having a piece of laminated paper somewhere in our jacket pocket. Today's cards may be multifunctional; providing access control with a visual presence they may even have a facility to hold personal information as in the way of a chip embedded within the card.

Also a professionally produced ID card with the correct card accessories can enhance the image of your staff and organization, by adding that extra dimension of professionalism.

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